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Machinery Demo Videos

Below are a variety of demo videos showing a number of machines in action. Feel free to spend some time watching all of them!

We also have a YouTube account with all of these machinery demo videos on there too. If you would like to view the below videos direct through YouTube, please visit our YouTube channel. Search for Guidolin Agrimac on YouTube or click on the following link

Guidolin Agrimac YouTube channel

Ideal Orchardstar Sprayer V Tower - Guidolin Agrimac


Ideal Orchard Star Herbicide Sprayer - Guidolin Agrimac

Custom Built Ideal Orchard Star 5000 Sprayer

Ideal Orchard Star 4000 Twin Fan Citrus Sprayer - Guidolin Agrimac

Ideal Orchard Star 5000L Triple Tower Sprayer - Guidolin Agrimac

Ideal Vineyard 3 Row Sprayer (Video 1) - Guidolin Agrimac

Ideal Vineyard 3 Row Sprayer (Video 2) - Guidolin Agrimac

Ideal Vineyard 3 Row Sprayer (Video 3) - Guidolin Agrimac 

Ideal Vineyard 3 Row Sprayer (Video 4) - Guidolin Agrimac 

Ideal 5000L Triple Tower Sprayer


Ideal Chemical Hopper 800 Litre Demo (Custom Made) - Guidolin Agrimac

Ideal Chemical Hopper 150 Litre Demo (Custom Made) - Guidolin Agrimac 

Ideal Chemical Hopper 60 Litre Demo (Custom Made) - Guidolin Agrimac

Goldacres & Guidolin - G4 Sprayer 

Goldacres Prairie Pro - Guidolin Agrimac

Goldacres & Guidolin Agrimac Manufacturing Advertisement

Goldacres & Guidolin Agrimac Spraying Advertisement 

Goldacres Self-Propelled Crop Cruiser Sprayers - Guidolin Agrimac

Lemken Heliodor 12m Speed Disc

Cavallo Ercole Spreader


Maschio Speed Disc (Working in Vineyard) - Guidolin Agrimac


Fiorini Hay Rake Demonstration - Guidolin Agrimac

Fiorini Super Big 1000 Hay Rake - Guidolin Agrimac

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