Goldacres G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser

The G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser Self Propelled sprayers represent the very best technology in a package that is both simple and economical to operate. It’s a formula that dates back almost two decades of self propelled sprayer manufacturing know how, delivering measurable benefits to the operator, with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. In a class of its own with a combination of light weight, high strength construction coupled with wide boom widths, the G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayers deliver high outputs, with low inputs.

Hardly leave a trace while still making your mark:
When Goldacres engineers set out to design the all new G3/G4 Series Crop Cruiser, one key criteria was to deliver a high capacity sprayer with a low gross weight coupled with large diameter tyres. All these combined result in minimised soil disturbance and the ability to get back on the crop sooner after rain events. Choices such as using a lighter four cylinder engine, an aluminium cased transmission, trussed main chassis rails and mounting the main product tank directly into the chassis without the need for a tank cradle all significantly aid in the overall weight reduction, without sacrificing strength or reliability. With either a 3000L or 4000L main tank capacity, boom widths of up to 36m and tyre sizes as large as 480/80R46 combined with a low gross weight of only 14,000kg (G4 36m boom) means you will get plenty of hectares sprayed per day while hardly leaving a trace.

A sprayer is only as good as its boom:
Today's sprayers are full of bells and whistles which makes spraying a whole lot easier, comfortable and efficient. It's easy to forget what the end goal is. Precise chemical application. Boom control can be the difference between a good spray result, and no result at all. Goldacres understands this and that is why all their sprayer designs are centred around the boom first and foremost. Goldacres pioneered the use of lightweight aluminium in the outer boom wings over two decades ago. The philosophy was, and still is today, that mass on a boom is fine so long as it is as close to the centre as possible. Reduced mass on the boom extremities reduces boom forces in both yaw and roll. This combined with the unique boom suspension results in a very stable boom ride, regardless of the terrain. The G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser sprayers are offered in two boom designs - Delta and TriTech. Both booms are contour following, meaning that the boom level will be referenced to the sprayer chassis and not purely on gravity such as a pendulum boom. This allows the sprayer to transverse the sides of hills and contours whilst keeping the boom level to the ground at all times. This results in placing the nozzle at the optimum height above the target. 

Goldacres G4

Long days and nights operating the sprayer can be demanding on the driver. That's why the G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser features a premium cabin with essential features and comforts to help you get through. Goldacres designers have delivered a cabin that has everything you need and nothing you don't. 
•  Easy to use fully moulded operator side console featuring all
    sprayer function control switches, drink holder and storage area.
•  Grammer air ride seat with adjustable arm rests and seat belt.
•  Fold away passenger seat.
  Climate controlled air conditioner and heater with active carbon
    filtration. Ducted overhead storage box for drink container.
  Curved front and rear glass and full length side glass.
  Engine and transmission monitor, plus transmission selector.
  Two way tilt adjustable and telescopic steering column.
  Twin USB charge points plus 12v power take off point for
    electronic accessories.
  Pull down front blind.
  Accessory mounting rail.
  Blue tooth AM/FM radio.
  Stylish roof design with forward and rear facing LED lights.

G4 Cabin

The G3 / G4 Series Crop Cruiser from Goldacres has an endless list of incredible features that make this sprayer a stand out from the rest. For an in-depth discussion or an informative brochure on the Crop Cruiser sprayer, call Marcel Guidolin on 0427 643 444 or 02 6964 3400 or come into the store at 53 Banna Avenue, Griffith.